Field Commercial Executive (anynag), Korea South

Korea South, Korea South, Korea South
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Field Commercial Executive (anynag), Korea South
Korea South, Korea South, Korea South,
게시됨 July 4, 2024


Field Commercial Executive (Anyang))BE A PART OF A REVOLUTIONARY CHANGE At PMI, we’ve chosen to do something incredible.

We’re totally transforming our business and building our future on smoke-free products.

With huge change, comes huge opportunity.

So, wherever you join us, you’ll enjoy the freedom to dream up and deliver better, brighter solutions and the space to move your career forward in endlessly different directions.

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT -Contract Type : Contract (6개월) -Work location : 경기도 수원시 장안구 정자로 90 (정자동) KT북수원빌딩 2층 YOUR ‘DAY TO DAY’ •Customer Relations (고객과의 유대관계 강화) -Build and maintain positive business relations with key customers.

-필립모리스 이미지 증진을 위한 주요 소매점과의 유대 관계를 유지 •Coverage & Journey Plans (관리 소매점 방문 계획 수립) -Ensure regular information update on key outlets & develop journey plans in order to maximize merchandising coverage.

-우수 소매점 선정을 위한 소매점 정보 수집 및 관리 소매점수 극대화를 위한 방문 계획 수립 •POS materials (POSM 설치 및 부착) -Identify & negotiate prime positions for POSM.

-가시성 극대화를 위한 소매점 내 최적 위치 협상 •Product display (제품 진열) -Maximize visibility of PM products within covered outlets.

-관리 소매점 내 PM 전 제품군의 가시성 극대화 •Retention programs (유지 관리 프로그램 수행 및 관리) -Implement retention programs in order to ensure effective placement of POSM.

-머천다이징 지침에 따른 유지 관리 프로그램을 시행하여 POSM 을 효율적으로 설치 및 유지 •Trade marketing programs and cycle activities (트레이드 마케팅 프로그램과 사이클 활동) -Implement trade marketing programs and cycle activities.

-머천다이징 지침과 목적에 따른 트레이드 마케팅 프로그램 수행 및 사이클 플랜 활동 •CVS Support (캐쉬 밴 / Cash Van 영업사원 지원) -Support CVS (Cash Van Salesman) activities within covered territory.

-활동 구역 내에서 구독성 극대화, 품절 방지, 적정 재고 유지 및 선입선출 시행과 관련하여 캐쉬 밴 영업사원 활동 지원 •Drive team/ Task forces (특별 임무 수행 팀 구성) -Participate in special event, and drive team, upon request.

-필요시 특별 업무 수행팀을 구성하여 특별 임무의 목표 달성을 위한 활동 참여 •Communication and Co-ordination (원활한 의사소통 및 협조) -Ensure regular communication within merchandising team.

-시장 지식과 가용한 정보를 최대한 활용하기 위하여 팀원 상호간 또는 수퍼바이저와의 정기적인 대화 •Report and Administration (보고 및 일반 행정 업무 수행) -Fulfill reporting and administration duties.

-수퍼바이저에게 정확한 정보를 제공하기 위하여 고객 목록 카드 작성, 일일 / 주간 보고 등 일반 행정 업무 수행 •Company Policies and Procedures (회사 정책과 규정 준수 및 회사 자산 관리) -Strictly follow company policies and procedures.

-회사 정책 및 규정 엄수 WHO WE’RE LOOKING FOR •4년제 대학 졸업•신입 가능•소비재 업계(FMCG)에서 영업/머천다이징 1~2 년 경력 우대•유효한 운전면허증 (회사 차량으로 업무활동 진행을 위한 필수 조건)•Good communication & interpersonal skills•Safe driving skill and safety-consciousness•Ability to communicate in English preferred WHAT WE OFFER Our success depends on the men and women who come to work every single day with a sense of purpose and an appetite for progress.

Join PMI and you too can: -Seize the freedom to define your future and ours.

We’ll empower you to take risks, experiment and explore.-Be part of an inclusive, diverse culture, where everyone’s contribution is respected; collaborate with some of the world’s best people and feel like you belong.-Be able to work in flexible work schedule, and receive competitive compensation & benefits including Group life and accident insurance, Welfare card etc.

HOW TO APPLY -Go PMI career site, " and set ‘South Korea’ and search for the job-Click ‘Apply Now’ button and ‘Upload a File’ for new applicants-Upload your English Resume either in Word or PDF format (merge your files into one file named as your English name, i.e., CV Gildong Hong)-Fill in basic information such as employment and education-Create password and submit application At PMI, we are committed to equal employment opportunity and inclusion and workplace diversity.

Our focus is on creating an environment where our employees from across the globe can be their true selves at work, contribute their best, support each other, and drive the innovation and consumer-centricity needed to help us to achieve our vision of a smoke-free future That means a work environment where personal situations are understood, differences are valued, and everyone is treated with fairness and respect.

We are promoting an environment where every voice is heard and valued, regardless of gender identity, age, race, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or any other characteristic that makes them visible or invisible.

작업 세부 정보:

직업 종류: 풀 타임
계약 유형: 영구적인
급여 유형: 월간 간행물
직업: Field commercial executive (anynag)

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